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Forget the Forgettable

Posted by Valerie Weisenreder on

So, visiting the namesake for the Monroe Avenue brandMonroe Avenue in Rochester, New York, I was reminded of how inspiring this street is.Is it the most traditionally beautiful street? No. Are there other streets that are prettier? Yes. But it is so memorable to me.

So, it got me thinking as to what makes something stand out?And, of course there is that matter of ‘the eye of the beholder’ so you might not see what I see. Or can you?

Traditional beauty, be it people, animals, buildings or cars, you name it, is pretty universal and understood. Even taking subjectivity aside, who doesn’t think Brad Pit is a beautiful man? Who, in their right mind, would disagree with Kim Kardashian being categorised as one of the most beautiful women in the world? A sun-set on the Bahamas … a Labrador puppy … a Lamborghini …. All examples of traditional beauty.

BUT, sometimes beauty isn’t traditional.Monroe Avenue is an inner City street with tattoo bars, antique shops, diners and bars. It is a bit faded, slightly odd and possibly due a makeover. So, attractive? To many, possible not. But it feels alive, real and most importantly, it just has a unique vibe.With every High Street having become cookie-cutter replicas, it is liberating to find ‘different’, to find a different type of beauty.

So, as I am wandering around this fine, jaded yet fabulous street, I once again think about why Monroe Avenue came to exist.Forget the forgettable.