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Sitting Cinema Style... Be the ‘talkability’ of the town

Posted by Valerie Weisenreder on

I am a huge fan of the movies, and go to the cinema perhaps once to twice a month. I also love the theatre, although am more than a bit lame at booking. But be it a massive stadium-seating style movie theatre, with the perfunctory popcorn; the more sophisticated Indy art-house movie, complete with cappuccino; or the luxury of the Royal Opera House, aided by a glass of wine, there is one simple truth that unites all.

A fabulous seat!

Monroe Avenue ornate cinema seats in purple velvet

Yes, the excitement, anticipation, the locating, the lowering and the, oh so fabulous, feeling of sitting in your allocated seat.

Why is it that your seat in the cinema or theatre always feels so, well, extraordinary? Surely it is not just me, right? At home, I can’t imagine not lounging on the couch watching the latest flick but in an auditorium, that velvet (well they usually are, right!), highly sprung but oh so soft seat, with curved back and soft arms that simply envelopes is like no other place.

History alert. In the early part of the 19 th century theatregoers would have only benches to sit on or group around tables in front of the stage. But by the mid century, in an effort to bring the middle classes (and the money) back to the theatre, the birth of the more luxurious seating was born.

And aren’t we glad for it.

But my message today is that the glamour of the theatre can be recreated in your own home.But be lateral of thought here. Yes, original theatre and cinema benches can be used in your home cinema but there are oh so many more uses.

I use cinema seats in my kitchen so people have somewhere to sit and chat to me when cooking. They are covered in red Oxblood vinyl making them perfect for wiping down, but no less glamorous to look at. The added beauty is that they spring back upright after you have vacated them – so ideal for small spaces. I also have velvet-clad 1940s theatre seats in my lounge, to complement the contemporary L shape sofa. A nice mixing of seating styles – yet practical for nights when you have the family or friends over for move night. Other customers of ours have used them in their dining rooms, halls and indeed bathrooms, again where you want luxury- and somewhere to sit – but where space is often at a premium.

The simple truth is, cinema-style seating really does give your home that talkability factor we often muse about at Monroe Avenue. We like to have some fun with our cinema and theatre seats so, give it a shot people. Bring the luxury of the cinema or theatre to your home.