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Turn up the Heat; it’s Miami ‘Art Deco’ time

Posted by Valerie Weisenreder on

Turn up the Heat; it’s Miami ‘Art Deco’ time

Colour, vibrant, fun, cool … yes, all words that immediately spring to mind when thinking about Miami. Come on, who doesn’t dream about part-aying in South Beach? Well, in my head I am always having cocktails in some uber cool bar on Miami beach … but then I open my eyes and am back. Who knew, British summer time has crept in without us knowing. The rain, more rain and grey skies is hiding that pretty darn well. But I digress.

So, I am mentally back to Miami.To help us through our British summer, let’s all channel Miami.

Think, people. Think about the historic hideaways of Coral Gables. Chilling in Coconut Grove? Or most likely, wading in your one-piece or dare I say speedos in the unique aquamarine waters. Mmmmm. Colour comes to mind for me. Sheer whites, faded blues, burnt orange, fuchsia pinks and that aquamarine green/blue. Hues almost of a different age. And then we have flamingoes. How hot a trend is that, right? Loving it.

What also comes to mind when I think of Miami Vice (come on, who wasn’t totally into Sonny and Tubbs?) is the famous Art Deco district. Perhaps one of my most favourite time periods for fashion, art, architecture and furniture, Old Miami Beach oooooooozes this period.

When thinking Art Deco, one thinks decadence, opulence, glamour and old Hollywood. A short period between 1925 – 1940, Art Deco is essentially a stle of applied decoration. A simple piece of furniture or building, for example, can be embellished with repetitive patterns, geometric and angular shapes, chevrons and the floral or sunrise patterns that have become synonymous with this period.

Closer to home, go have yourself a cocktail at The Savoy in London to embrace all things of this period. Yum.

If you want to furnish your own life and home with a little piece of this period – and maintain your fantasy of Miami – I can’t promise you Don Johnson but you do have a fabulous opportunity to win an Art Deco period chair in our competition. So click here to enter. Or check out our Miami inspired chair range.If you aren’t feeling it, let us know what you have in mind and we can create that for you.